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Engineering/Geology Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute

Value: $5,500
Awards Available: 8

Given to students at a four-year school. Students must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of one of the RMMI member states, and looking for a career in the mining industry. The selected students are also offered an all-expense paid trip to the RMMI Annual Meeting and Conference in late June, where they have the opportunity to meet industry leaders and attend all of the technical sessions.

The following are the scholarship criteria. Each applicant MUST be:

  1. Enrolled full-time in a four-year degree program and in good standing at the time of selection;
  2. High School students are not eligible to apply. Applicant must be enrolled and attending a college or university as a full-time student
  3. Pursuing a degree in a mining-related field or in the engineering disciplines such as mining, geology, mineral processing, metallurgy, electrical, mechanical and environmental; and,
  4. Have an expressed interest in mining as a career path.

Scholarship selection is managed as follows:

  1. The Rocky Mountain Mining Institute will distribute scholarship applications to interested academic institutions; applications are also available on our website (www.RockyMtnMining.org). Applications will be accepted only from students meeting the scholarship criteria.
  2. Applications will be reviewed and rated by the Scholarship Committee. Interview of top candidates may be conducted.
  3. The scholarship is annual and may be renewed for up to three consecutive years, provided that the recipient is still a full-time student in good academic standing. It is the recipient's responsibility to reapply each year, utilizing a simplified renewal application.

Scholarship presentation is handled as follows:

  1. The scholarship is presented to the recipient at the Institute's annual conference, conducted annually in June. The winners will be guests of RMMI, with an all-expense paid trip to attend our conference to receive their award.
  2. The monetary value of the scholarship is sent directly to the college or university to be used as tuition credit for the winner. This money will not be sent directly to the recipient due to Federal mandates. The scholarship is valued at up to $5000 over a three-year period ($2000 for initial application, $2000 for first renewal, and $1000 for second renewal).

Required Supporting Materials: (Applications will not be considered without supporting materials)

  1. Three references. Include name, address, business and home phone number, company or business name, and years acquainted. Attach letters of reference or recommendation.
  2. Work experience. List your work experience. For all past employment, include employer’s name, address, phone number, the name of your supervisor, work performed, length of service, and the reason for leaving.
  3. Answers to the following questions (limiting each to 100 words or less):
    1. Why are you pursuing your present degree?
    2. What do you envision doing after graduation?
  4. Unofficial transcript with current enrollment

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